Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still a day or so away...

Despite claims in the local press that the new Kenya Captain and squad were to be finalised on Sunday, Tom Tikolo, CEO of Cricket Kenya has informed Kenya Cricket.com via email that:

"The issue of captaincy and team to travel to Ireland will be sorted out in a day or so as all the procedures are in place.

The coach issue is still pending as we await advice from all parties concerned. Meanwhile Andy Kirsten will be going with the team to Ireland on temporary basis."

On the coach issue, this is no surprise at it was already known that Kirsten would continue to act as coach for the Ireland trip. For those waiting on selection and to hear regards the captaincy, this continues to increase the frustration. In terms of selection, it may well be that the selectors will now wait until after the next practice match, due to start today, before making their final decisions. If they had been originally planning on sending the same squad that travelled to South Africa for the World Cup qualifiers, this does make a kind of sense as at least two players not in that party, namely David Obuya and Peter Kituku, both gave indications that they should at least be under consideration for places.

So in the meanwhile, we continue to wait. At least there is the practice match and we will endeavour to bring you updates as they come through.

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