Thursday, June 11, 2009

U13 selected results

I had hoped to post full scorecards, but the formatting ability has eluded, so here are the summaries of Kenya's matches in the U13 regional tournament:

Match 1:
Kenya beat Tanzania by 11 runs
Toss - Tza, elected to field.
MOM Joseph Owino
Kenya 3/108 (Joseph Owino 30*, Tanzil Sheikh 20*, Joseph Mwanji 1/11)
Tanzania 5/97 (Abbas Zabahussin 19, Nassoro Zeharo 18, Kevan Dodhia 2/9)

Match 2:
Kenya lost to Uganda by 7 wickets
Toss - Ken, elected to bat
MOM Isaac Abdullahah (Uga)
Kenya 8/83 (Tanzil Sheikh 23, Krutarth Rao 19*, Deep Haria 2/6, Simon Ssesazi 2/22)
Uganda 3/85 (Lawrence Ssempija 32*, Isaac Abdullahah 33, Atharva Tembekhar 1/14)

Match 4:
Kenya v Tanzania - abandoned due to rain
Kenya 3/51 (Dhawal Modi 17, Abbas Zabeehussin 1/5)

Match 5:
Kenya lost to Uganda by 8 wickets
Toss: Ken - elected to bat
MOM Simon Ayella (Uga)
Kenya 6/62 (Dhawal Modi 29, Tanzil Sheikh 19, Simon Ayella 2/13)
Uganda 2/65 (Bid Jaineel 32*, Gordon Everard 1/10, Artharva Tembekhar 1/12)

Overall, Kenya's batting produced too many ducks, though there are some positives to be taken from the above, notably Joseph Owino's innings in the first match, Arthava Tembekhar chipping in with wickets each game and Dhawal Modi featuring in 2 good innings. The stand out player for Kenya however was the one player who really produced in every match: Tanzil Sheikh. Sad to see that the private schools produced little help despite their better facilities and training. Hopefully this will change in future squads and future years with this group of players.

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