Monday, June 08, 2009

Uganda again better than our Juniors

Report courtesy of Colin Macbeth:

"Rwanda's failure to show up - for whatever reason - and some poor weather, put a dampener on the first two days of the cricinfo-touted Africa Cricket Association (ACA) East Africa Under-13 boys' competition in Nakuru, Kenya.
Rwanda had been flagged up as one of the successes of the African development programme/Cricket without borders enterprise; so their absence, if only to gauge the team's progress, was a disappointment.
Matches were being played at Rift Valley Sports Club and Greensteds School, south of Nakuru.
Results: Day One - Kenya 108 f 3, Tanzania 96 f 7; Kenya 93, Uganda 94 f 7. Day Two - Tanzania 92, Uganda 93 f 6; Tanzania v Kenya (rained off)."

Kenya Comment:

Once again Kenya have been outplayed by Uganda at development level. This cannot continue to be ignored as we cannot rely on our current seniors for ever. Cricket Kenya must act ASAP to return Kenya to the top of the pile at regional development level. If Uganda continue to get the wood over us as juniors, it is only a matter of time before that filters through to the full national side.

A shame that neith Rwanda or Burundi were able to make it. for the benefit of the game in the whole region, it is important that these smaller teams do get to play and gain experience at this level.

On a positive note, it is good to see the facilities in the Rift Valley being used and also that Kenya had all 3 cricketing regions represented in the squad. These are things CK must build on to get the development back on track so we win at all levels again.

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