Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Busy Time For Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association

With the NPCA Twenty-20 season only just concluded, Nairobi's cricketers are already one game into the next competition. Last weekend saw the beginning of the 45 Over competition which will run until the end of March. There are 24 teams split into 4 groups of six. At the end of the round robin, where each team plays the others in it's group once, the top 2 teams from each group go through to the Knockout stage.
A brief rundown on the groups:
Group A
Kanbis 'A', Simba Union, S C L Y L, Parklands SC Ndovus, Oshwal XI, and Kanbis 'B'.
Based on the results from the previously concluded Main League (more on this later), the overwhelming favourites to go through are Kanbis 'A', and it would be no surprise if the 'B' side followed them in. Simba Union could be the outsiders for an upset.
Group B
Swamibapa 'A', Premier Club, Sir Ali 'A', Ngara, Ruaraka, and Parklands SC Rhinos.
It would be hard to bet against Swamis to top Group B, but second place could be a very hard fought affair. My pick to go through: Premier just, over Sir Ali.
Group C
Kongonis, Nairobi Jaffery, Krishna XI, Swamibapa 'B', Qutbis and Sir Ali 'B'.
Jaffery will probably take this pool, with the runner up between Kongonis and Swamis. I will go for Kongonis as they were the first team to make direct contact - they must be winners!
Group D
Nairobi Gymkhana, Aga Khan SC, Stray Lions, Nairobi Nookers, Nairobi Institute and Golden XI.
Sensible money would probably be on Gymkhana and Aga Khan to go through easily, with the minor places hotly contested.
I do have in my hot little hands also, the full results from the NPCA Twenty-20 comp, as well as the final standings from the Main League, and more details from Nakuru's 6 a-side. I will post on these in the next day or so.
Thanks to Miq Assaria from the NPCA for all his help.

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