Sunday, February 05, 2006

Zimbabwe Roller Coaster Continues

It look like bad news! Not that we can really be surprised considering the circumstances. It is a tragedy for Zimbabwe cricket and a big set back in regards to Kenya's prospective fixture list. I wonder though, if Zimbabwe do get the boot from ODI's as well as Tests, will their place in the preliminary round of the Champs Trophy then go up for grabs?
It seems like very time you read an article about cricket in Zimbabwe, things are getting worse. Apparently, not only are negotiations breaking down, but reports that sixteen players had signed contracts are actually false. Even players like Dion Ebrahim, who had previously been on better terms with the board are now being left out in the cold. How long will the ICC sit back and let this go on. If the ZCU are unable to act sensibly, surely it must be up to the parent body to step in with an ultimatum - use it or lose it. Arguments that they cannot get involved with internal disputes hold no water. The precedent has already been set with Kenya, and they owe a larger duty to the cricket players involved than to a politically appointed board. Come on ICC, time to pull fingers out, and get this mess resolved.

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