Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Game of Numbers

I have been doing some number crunching concerning possible results from Kenya's upcoming tour to Zimbabwe, and came up with the following possibilities in terms of the ODI table at the end of it:
Result KEN rating ZIM rating
Results show outcome for Kenya ie 5-0 means Kenya win the series 5-0.
The ratings shown are an average taken for that possible result, as the exact rating is determined by the order in which the matches are won or lost.
Bearing in mind that Kenya go into the tour with a rating of 18 having officially played 1 match, and Zimbabwe go in on a rating of 44 from 23 matches, we have a lot more to gain than they do. As soon as Kenya have played 10 matches and won 2 against a team already on the official table, we will be placed on the table ourselves.
This series gives us a good chance to win those two matches, and gain valuable points for when we reach the table. This should be after our 4th match in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh will also be watching the tour with interest, as they are currently sitting on 14 points from 23 matches. The results of this series will probably mean that all three teams will go into the Tri series in Bangladesh needing a good performance to avoid losing out to the others on the table. It should make for a very competetive couple of months of cricket.

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