Monday, July 24, 2006

An Door Opening For Kenya?

Canada's reluctance/inability to host the proposed ODI series between India and West Indies in September has left the BCCI looking for a new 'neutral' venue. According to the BBC, venues being considered are The Netherlands, Malasia and Singapore. My view is why not Kenya? The benefits would be as follows:
  • We have hosted neutral games before, and have shown we have the capacity to do so.
  • We have a team that would be able to provide both teams good competition as a warm up before the series. This would not only benefit the visiting sides in acclimatising, but would give Kenya two more ODIs against Test opposition. Even better, they could make it a tri-series.
  • Climate wise, September would be just about perfect.
  • In terms of crowds, both teams would find a supporter base in Nairobi which would mean matches played in a good atmosphere. It would also mean sponsors would get there money's worth and so would be queing up for the opportunity.
  • Kenya have world class hotels to host the visiting teams and officials. Plus there is the added bonus of our unparalleled gameparks.
  • It would give Kenya further practice at hosting big matches before the World League in January.
  • Kenya already has good cricketing relations with both countries. These would be further strengthened.
  • From Kenya's point of view, it would be a huge help in growing interest in the game domestically, and would provide a boost for tourism as well.
  • Other than the proposed tour by Uganda, which could be moved earlier or later in September to accomodate this series, September is free as far as Kenya are concerned.

Apparently, the decision needs to be made this week in order to plan ahead, but if we could get our feet in the crack in the door, it would be a very welcome addition to the calendar.

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Horotashi said...

very good blog post which makes alot of valid points , i personally cant see the point in a tournament of this quality being hosted in malaysia and singapore with the such small populations and limited interest in cricket they have.

kenya has a large population to choose from with alot of potential , i think with the rapid decline of zimbabwe the ICC should really be pushing to try and make 1 of the 6 associates stand out above the rest to try and groom them to take over and hosting tournaments such as this will go along way in helping.

with the right help RIGHT NOW in some 5 - 10 years time Kenya , Scotland and Ireland are all a realistic chance of competing with some of the current full member nations on a regular basis at both ODI and Test Level