Sunday, July 23, 2006

NPCA Season Now Starting Next Week

Following a meeting between the Umpires Association and the NPCA, the new season is now scheduled to start on Sunday the 30th of July 2006. NPCA report Friday's meeting had positive results and the Umpires Association stated their commitment to "be part and parcel of the new cricket movement and its growth." This is certainly a positive step from the two bodies, and hopefully we can look forward to a season where the new rules and regulations take the game forward.
The new regulations and the season schedule will be released to the clubs at the Captains meeting on Monday 24th July. I shall of course post on the coming weekend's fixtures as soon as I get news from Nairobi. On that vein, thanks to NPCA for their progress reports. Things are looking up for Nairobi cricket already, and the season has not yet even begun.

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