Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jaffery Pull Out Of Super Division

Breaking news from Nairobi is that Nairobi Jaffery have withdrawn their A side from the Super Division of the 2006 NPCA League. All players registered to play for Jaffery A will now be eliglible for a free transfer to clubs of their choice. This is very sad news for Kenyan cricket, and is hopefully only a short term problem. Jaffery have confirmed participation of their second string side who will turn out in Division 3. No reasons have yet been given for the withdrawal, though no doubt we shall hear soon enough. Jaffery have been one of the top clubs in the country, and it is hoped they will get themselves sorted out in time for next season. In the meantime, their presence will be sorely missed.
Fixtures for the season are also out and also the new rule changes. I will post on these in the morning.

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