Thursday, July 06, 2006

Inamdar's Appointment To ICC Board A Gain For Kenya

Samir Inamdar's election to the Full ICC Board as one of three Associate members is a huge boost for Kenyan cricket. It is a well deserved reward for the Chairman of Cricket Kenya after a year's hard work trying to right the ship back home. Inamdar, who said he is delighted with the appointment must however not forget where his primary duties lie.
While much has been achieved in the year or so he has been at the helm in Kenya, there is still a huge amount to do. There is still no national league or junior development program, and there seems to be some doubt as to how effectively the national team are being trained. The upcoming matches against Bangladesh will give us an indication on the latter, but the other two are very pressing issues and must be addressed ASAP.
With Inamdar on the board, Kenya can at least expect the Associates to have a strong voice in support of the expansion program. Despite the obvious gains being made by the top 6 Associates, there are still those out there who maintain their opposition to spreading the game. For people who play or watch cricket, and should understand that building an innings takes time, there are some very impatient souls out there. Inamdar must stand firm against these and continue to do his best to grow the game both at home, and now globally. This job brings with it added clout for Kenya, but also extra responsibility for Inamdar. All the best to Cricket Kenya's hard working chairman in proving he is up to the task.

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