Friday, July 07, 2006

Who Should Open for Kenya?

With Ravindu Shah injured and seemingly unlikely to make a return to international cricket, and the omission of Kennedy Obuya from the squad, Kenya's top order is looking vulnerable. I have added two polls to the side bar, and would be interested in your opinions.
First is a simple one: Should Kennedy Obuya and the selectors bury their differences so that he can play for Kenya against Bangladesh?
The second question assumes the Obuya is still in the mix for a place in the team. I would like to know who you think should open the batting for Kenya. All the options apart from Modi, Mishra and Kayne have been tried in this position for either Kenya or Kenya A this year with mixed results (at best). Of the latter three, Kayne opened for CCA while Mishra and Modi are players who I feel may have the technique/experience to fill this position even if it is not where they would usually bat.
Both polls will run until the first ODI against Bangladesh. I look forward to seeing your views, and don't forget, for those who want to have their two bob's worth, there is always the forum.

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