Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kenya A Photos

There are some photos on the Cricket Europe site from Kenya A's match against Denmark. I do not know why Kenya A are playing in whites rather than colours for this match. It could be because their luggage never caught up with them in Denmark, though I think this slightly unlikely. Possibly Ishan Sports only provided colours for the national team, though I was under the impression that they were kit sponsors for all teams.
Kenya's technical staff might also want to have a close look at some of the dismissals of the Kenyan players, and bowler follow-throughs. While photos are difficult to use as a training tool as they only capture one brief moment, I could see at least three fairly obvious errors in technique that need to be looked at. I do not wish to sound as though I am constantly picking at holes, but if problems are there, they need to be recognised and addressed.

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