Monday, July 31, 2006

Kenya Vs Canada Day 2

Well there seems to be a strict silence being kept by those in the know as to what went on. Not one site has anything more than the score from the close of day 1 which leads me to assume one of the following:
a) Kenya played as badly with the bat as on day 1 and having failed to get another 22 runs, were made to follow on. We then lost the match before lunch, and no one has bothered reporting it as it was such an embarrasment to the game.
b) Kenya have come back from the brink of disaster to not only avoid humiliation, but to actually get a first inings lead. Canada are so put out by this that they have ordered a complete shut down of all communications.
c) The Vortex Goat that had taken up residency in the Indian Ocean to intercept all cricketing communications has now moved to Canada. It is currently scratching its ear on the boundary and eating any information about the game in progress.
d) Aliens landed, abducted all the players and officials. Mars will now be applying to be the next Test nation and expects to win the 2011 World Cup.


bankelele said...

I with it was showing on TV in Kenya

kris said...

Okay, this is officially the funniest post I've ever read on your site. VIVA LA VORTEX GOAT!