Friday, August 04, 2006

Bangladesh Matches To Be Shown Live

Bankelele first alerted me to this a couple of days ago, but I was too busy (and strung-up) with the Canada match to say anything about it. It has now apparently been confirmed that Supersport will be showing the matches live on ss6 as well has broadcasting highlights packages. This is great news as it means that the games will be seen in pubs and bars across the country as well as in those homes that can afford it. I'm assuming that this means that tv rights will also have been sold to Bangladesh tv so there will be plenty of interest from there as well. This is a definite victory for Cricket Kenya, and one would also assume that it means they have tied up sponsorship deals for the series as well. Hopefully, we will hear more soon.


Ram said...


That's great news from CK..Are the matches being aired on SS6 even in Kenya or is the national broadcaster going to show them?..Does SS6 have a large viewership in Kenya?

Now that the TV rights have been sold to Ban, I hope CK ends up making a lot more money than the $86K that was originally quoted..

Chemosit said...

Hi Ram, see the thread in the forum for more on this.

Anonymous said...

the bangladeshi network "channel i" has aquired the rights and will broadcast all 3 matches live. it is available on dish network