Friday, August 04, 2006

Cricket Kenya Website

Finally, after what seems like an interminable wait, Cricket Kenya's website is up and running. I'm not sure quite what took so long as the site is not huge, but none the less, it is great to have it there. Some parts of the site are not yet complete, with the 'domestic' and 'Kenya' links still dead, but others look like they could turn out well.
The 'about us' page carries Cricket Kenya's mission statement which includes some promising statements and gives targets against which the administration can be marked. A definite step in the right direction towards transparency and accountability.
Friends Of Cricket Kenya are included in the 'fans' page giving the opportunity to join and show support for Kenyan cricket. It is good to see this initiative supported by Cricket Kenya, and hopefully it can be broadened to FOCK international rather than just FOCK-UK. Watch this space.
Unfortunately, no link yet to here, but I have put in a request for this to happen, so we shall see.
There is an interesting article about Kenyan women's cricket in the 'Development' Page, but nothing there yet about school cricket. Still, to be fair, the site is only just up, so we can afford to give them a bit of time to get all the information up.
There is also a poll on the homepage concerning Roger Harper's effect on the team and some pics from the Canada match as well as a write up. A couple of games for kids are included as well, so it is good to see they are trying to include something for everyone.
I have put a post in the forum for people to put in their thoughts about the site, so if you have any comments, please post them there.


Shaneabbas Merali said...

Hi Nick. i know the interschool cricket torunament just got over in Mombasa. Its an annual event and has been organized for the past 10yrs or more by Jaffery Academy. I know the final was played last week between Jaffery and Oshwal Academy. No news to who won it. But schools cricket has been active in Mombasa since 1994

Chemosit said...

Hi Shaneabbas,

Welcome back. I will do my best to find out more on this.

Do you have any emails of people who might be able to send me results?