Friday, July 31, 2009

Progress on pitches at coast 1: Aaryans (practice venue)

Aaryan Ground (was to be used as a practice pitch)
right photo taken May 17 2009 by CCA
left photo taken June 28 by CCA

Looks like it will be more than ready by February 2010 to me

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Amar said...

Coast Gymkhana and M.S.C.look Absolutely Wonderful and Aaryan a decent practice venue, we can name a dozen test grounds which are if not worse than on the same page,
Colombo cricket club, Green Park Kanpur, Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad MA Aziz Stadium Chittagong, The University Oval Dunedin, Marrara oval Darwin, Warner Park. St. Kitts .
Can we see pictures of turf wickets installed at Rift Valley Sports Club and The Greensteds School ground and some of the grounds being upgraded in Nairobi, even Peonies.