Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kenya Now Have An Official Ranking

Well the good news is that Kenya are now officially ranked in the LG ICC One Day Championship. After the two recent defeats in Bangladesh, we are currently ranked 11th with 18 points. To avoid dropping points, We need to win at least one of the next two matches against Bangladesh, and to qualify for the last place in the Champions Trophy, we would need to win both. The likelihood of this happening, is at the moment somewhere between Buckley's and none, but as Terry Pratchett points out so often in his Discworld series, often the million to one chance is the most likely to come about. I just hope that the odds are not 999 99:1 instead!

Realistically, Kenya should not be worrying about the Champions Trophy. What we need to concentrate on are the baby steps. Our batsmen need to find their timing, and someone needs to record a big score or two in the last couple of matches. Our bowlers need to find their line and length, and a way to restrict Bangladesh's free scoring. Someone other than Ongondo needs to take wickets, and several of them. Above all, Harper and Tikolo (if he is well enough) need to resurrect some self-belief in the side. We used to be known for our fighting spirit, something I feel has been in short supply this tour. I know it is there - it just needs to be coaxed out. If not, I am worried not just about the next two ODIs, but the Intercontinental match against Holland as well. Come on lads - we all know you can play better. Prove us right!

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