Saturday, March 25, 2006

Kenya 'A' team for Holland Announced

Kenya's 'A' team to take on Holland on Sunday has been realeased. Seven of the Nairobi Clubs are represented, but sadly no players from the coast. This is surprising as both Amit Bhudia and Rashmi Ghami were included in the original 30 man Kenya squad at the beginning of the year. I believe that it would have given a great boost to players at the coast had one or two of them been given a chance. If Kenyan cricket is to have a serious future, we must bring on the talent from centres other than Nairobi. Both the above players have plenty of skill, and Amit certainly has proved his quality in the two matches he has played for Kenya. It will be in everyone's interests for him to be given a proper chance.
Of those players selected, there is still a huge amount of potential. Moses Otienio looks to be a bowler capable of taking wickets, and Hafeez Manji has shown his quality in the domestic league as well. As I have said before, with the senior team not performing to its full potential, Sunday will be a great chance for aspirants to the national side to show what they can do against International opposition. All the best to the youngsters playing, and to those reading this in Nairobi - go and give them your support. Many of these players are the future of Kenyan cricket; this is a great chance to watch them make their mark. In five years time when they are setting the World alight, you will be able to say "I was there when he took his maiden First class wicket, or scored his maiden century".
Kenya 'A' Team Squad:
  1. Brijal Patel (Aga Khan Sports Centre) CAPTAIN
  2. Alex Obanda (Kongonis)
  3. Shashank Maheshari [Sir Ali Muslim Club]
  4. Malhar Patel (Kanbis)
  5. Ashish Karia (Aga Khan Sports Centre)
  6. Abdul [Sir Ali Muslim Club]
  7. Prashanth Srinivas (Nairobi Gymkhana)
  8. Nehemiah Odhiambo (Swamibapa)
  9. Rajesh Bhudia (Kanbis)
  10. Hafeez Manji (Aga Khan Sports Centre)
  11. Moses Otieno (Kongonis)
  12. Timothy Muange (Swamibapa)
  13. Shiraz Ali [Sir Ali Muslim Club]

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