Thursday, April 20, 2006

Emphasis On Coaching In Nairobi

With Nairobi looking forward to Terry Jenner's visit in May, local players and coaches have also been put through their paces during a 4-day Level 2 coaching course. Organised through Cricket Kenya and ICC Africa, the course was conducted by Harry Shappiro who was assisted by National Team coach Roger Harper. 15 players and coaches from around Kenya attended the course, and are looking forward to putting their new skills into practice. A set coaching pathway is due to be discussed during the ACA meeting coming up in South Africa.
Coaches who attended the course were:
  • Alfred Njuguna (Asst. National Coach)
  • Charles Obuya (Development Coach U 17) he did not attend the last two days
  • David Asiji (Development Coach U 15)
  • Rajab Ali (Ex- National Team Player and Development Coach Rift Valley)
  • Isak Khanna (Development Coach - Coast)
  • Dun Okinyo (Development Coach Ladies Cricket)

Good to see the three main regions represented, as well as the different national team coaches and the ladies. Lets hope they put this knowlege to quick use.

Players who attended the course were:

  • Steve Tikolo (National Team Captain)
  • Thomas Odoyo (National Team V/Captain)
  • Martin Suji (National team Opening Bowler)
  • Peter Ongondo (National Team Player)
  • Jimmy Kamande (National Team Player)
  • Kennedy Obuya (National Team Player) he did not attend the last day with no reason given.
  • Collins Obuya (National Team Player) he did not attend the last day with no reason given.
  • Morris ouma (National Team Player)
  • Joseph Angara (National Team Player)

It is great to see these players attending and keen to use the knowledge to help in cricket development within Kenya. A shame that the Obuya brothers were not able to attend the final days. Hopefully it was nothing serious that kept them away. Incentives like this are a great way of helping promote the game. Not only does it improve the level of coaching past and present players can give to those of the future, but it also helps towards giving them a continued career in the game once their playing days are over. Every project starts with baby-steps, but it certainly seems at the moment that Cricket Kenya is moving in the right direction.

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