Friday, April 21, 2006

NPCA season to kick off with 6-a-side Competition

Nairobi's 2006 season is set to begin on Saturday 29th of April with a 6-a-side competition that will run through to the Public Holiday on Monday 1st of May. Hosted by Shree Cuthci Lewa Youth League, the tournament is expected to be attended by most Nairobi clubs. Invites are already out to the NPCA sanctioned event, and it looks like being a very enjoyable festival of cricket in the capital. The Nairobi board are also working with the Rift Valley association to promote a similar event to be held in Nakuru towards the end of May. It is the intention of the NPCA to use the Nairobi event to launch the calendar for the new season, and will also likely see the opening of the 2006 Transfer Market.
Meanwhile the heavy rains in Nairobi have put a hold on most of the cricket in the capital. The NPCA 45-over tournament is still at the semi-final stage, and they are waiting for the weather to clear up before play can be resumed. Rain permitting, it is hoped that this can happen before the end of April, but this is looking increasingly unlikely. Still, it is well needed rain for the country, so no-one is complaining just yet.

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