Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Uganda League To Start in May

According to this story from BTTW, the Castle Lager sponsored Cricket league in Uganda is due to start next month. With the Ugandans gaining in strength, and having a solid structure in place, maybe Kenya Breweries should get back in on the act and sponsor a national league in Kenya. After all, we don't want our neighbours overtaking us due to drinking the wrong beer! On a more serious note though, news about cricket does seem to come out of Uganda more frequently than it does out of Kenya. Cricket Kenya needs to seriously look at these two important issues soon. We must get a national competition under way, and we must do more in Kenya to promote the game. The results of not doing the first are not pleasant to contemplate, and any national tournament loses its potential impact in terms of sponsors/international aid if no one knows about it. I am keeping fingers crossed that we will hear something positive on this all soon.


Stunuh Jay said...

OOh Goodie, something for our Kenyan Chaps to practise on! But Here Here I think that it's great that UG should have their own team

By The Way, me first!

Stunuh Jay said...

Ok first and foremost that is the rudest thing to do! Here I was thinking I was the first person to comment on your blog! Shame! I'm now rather upset :p

Chemosit said...

Hi Stunuh - and welcome.
You needed to get here quite a while ago if you wanted to be the first to comment lol