Friday, April 14, 2006

Introducing the Mbuni Award

For those that don't speak Kiswahili, Mbuni means Ostrich. This award is not on any set time frame and will be awarded to the person related to cricket who has made the biggest fool of themselves by having their utterances proven wrong. Why Mbuni? - well we should all know the expression 'egg on the face'. I was thinking about Ricky Ponting's quote about Bangladesh not deserving Test Status the other day when the Aussies were looking down the barrel of the follow on. The only bird big enough to lay an egg that big would be the Ostrich. I had a couple of beers. I slept on the idea. Australia dug themselves out of trouble and won the match, but I believe the egg remains firmly smeared all over Ponting's mug. So without further ado, I give you the inaugral holder of The Mbuni Award: Ricky Ponting.
If anyone hears of someone else deserving of this accolade, let me know and the title shall change hands. My next candidate is Matthew Engel, but we will have to wait until the next Associate defeat of a Test team. As the closest scheduled match is still a while away, the egg should be nice and rotten by then. Just what he deserves.

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