Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tikolo Your Favourite From Holland Match

Well no surprises there. As I said in my letter to the Nation - that was one of the best batting performances we are ever likely to have the good fortune to experience on Kenyan soil by a Kenyan. Tikolo has played some fine innings, but to save a match that looked almost dead and buried, and to look so in control under that pressure was truly a Great effort.
The Kenyan Captain easily topped the poll with 40% followed by Peter Ongondo with 16% and Ashish Karia with 12%. Those three will take the primary points from the public that go towards the end of year awards. Narrowly missing out were Tony Suji with 10% and Hitesh Modi 9%. Other to receive votes were Maurice Ouma 4%, Thomas Odoyo and Rajesh Bhudia on 3% and Brijal Patel on 1%. Just as in a real Kenyan election, there does seem to be a couple of percent unnacounted for. No idea why, that's just how the results came out.
It was interesting to see where the public support for players lies. Tikolo and Ongondo I felt were fairly obvious choices for the top two slots. The third one, I initially though would be between Karia and Modi. Obviously Tony Suji has some loyal fans out there though, as do Ouma and Odoyo. Of the 11 Kenyan players to take the field, only Tanmay Mishra and Collins Obuya failed to poll at least one vote. Thanks again to all those who voted, your support is more than appreciated!

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