Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kenyacricket Reaches Half Century

This may have actually happened some time back, as I only started counting a few weeks ago. Last night, a small milestone ticked over with a guest to the site from Mexico making it 50 different countries that people have visited from. I am including here only those who have stayed long enough to read something of what is written, not the 3 second spam visits which would probably have me include the whole of Eastern Europe as well as most of Asia. While many of these visits will be from Kenyans abroad, I think it is a good illustration of cricket as a global sport. If a small site such as mine has visitors from such a number of countries in a reletively short period of time, imagine the results from the bigger more international sites like cricinfo etc.
Anyway, in light of there being no other news that I am aware of, I thought that as cricket is very much a game of statistics, this would be an appropriate post. My thanks to all those who have visited, and especially to those who for some strangely masochistic reason felt inclined to return. Have a great Easter weekend!

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