Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kenya Soccer

Having only recently set up this site to support Kenyan cricket, I know some of the factors involved in making it a success. Many others I am still learning, but one thing that has helped me immensly is support from other bloggers. In this spirit, take a look at Kenyasoccer. Their page description says it all really:
All about Kenyan soccer: this site is meant to culture the Kenyan soccer passion; to fill our stadiums; to love our game.
While I am looking to do exactly the same for cricket, so on some levels am competing, Kenyasoccer has my full support:
I firmly believe that sport is a way out of poverty for many Kenyans. Certainly we are a nation that has talent at plenty of sports other than long distance running. If this talent is nurtured, we will see Kenyans more and more successful in a wide variety of sports. One of the ways people like me to help this happen is to blog about it and raise awareness. If my blog gets just one more player involved in the game, or one more spectator to a match, it has not been a waste of time. I have a dream that gradually Kenya's sports culture will grow into a dominant force. There is a huge amount of money to be made by sportsmen and women around the World and the greater our sporting culture and support of our talent, the more of this will make it back to Kenya. My site is to help this happen through cricket, but if Valedon helps do this for soccer, then Good Luck to him.


Valedon said...

Oh man! I feel you. This is what I'm also trying to do. You hit the nail right on the head. Thank you for this post. It is not only an eye opener but a motivator. Good luck to you too.

Chemosit said...

Thanks mate - it is a slow process, but things interest does seem to be growing. All the best.