Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Results From Coast Twenty-20 Tournament

Mombasa Sports Club are through to the semi finals of the Coast Twenty-20 tournament sponsored by Mulji Devraj & Bros Ltd. Their win against Burhani SC on 25th of March confirms them as easy winners of Group B. MSC batted first, and set a total of 151, losing 9 of their wickets in the process. BSC in reply finished their overs only having lost 2 wickets, but still 34 runs short. I imagine some of the lower middle order batsmen would have had something to say about that. BSC are now looking as though they may miss out on a semi final's berth having also gone down heavily to Coast Gymkhana B this weekend. Batting first, they only managed 81 runs all out. Gymkhana B strolled to victory with no loss of wickets. Gymkhana B had one match against the CCA Select team washed out, so will need to beat Shree Cutchi Leva in their final group match on Saturday to go through to the semis.
Group A should also have seen some action, but neither of the scheduled matches was able to go ahead. Coast Development were awarded a walkover against Jaffery on the 25th, while their match against Siri Guru Singh Sabha was washed out over the weekend. Coast Gymkhana A were already confirmed as topping the group having previously beaten each of the other sides, but it will be interesting to see who goes through in second place. Jaffery have beaten SGSS, but by dint of the walkover concede a loss to the Development side. If any points are awarded for an abandoned match, it may well be that the development side will get through despite not actually having won a game on the pitch. Cue the complaints from Jaffery supporters…
With the top two teams from each group decided, the semi finals set for Sunday should be as follows, with the least likely qualifier in brackets:
Mombasa SC vs. Coast Development/(Jaffery)
Coast Gymkhana A vs. Coast Gymkhana B/(Burhani SC)
The most likely outcome from this is a MSC - Gymkhana A final, but we shall await the results with interest.
Thanks to Hervinder Singh Sohal for the update.


Shaneabbas Merali said...

Interesting to note that Jaffery gave a walk over to the coast development side. However since Jaffery's team is full of boys from school i presume they could not put up a team as currently Jaffery Academy has its end of term exams. and most of the boys are currently doing either their AS or A2 level. They must be having their mock exams. Maybe the CCA should allow for a re-match as the reason is pretty valid here!

Chemosit said...

No reasons were given for the walkover, so I can't comment on the situation. Ideally in any situation like this is to have a re-match, but I suppose the organisers also have to try to keep to some sort of a schedule, so it may not be possible.
At least we are getting some news through from the coast though!