Monday, April 03, 2006

Tikolo First To 1000 runs in Intercontinental Cup

After Steve Tikolo's fantastic effort to stave off the Dutch in Nairobi last week, he is now averaging exactly 125 in the Intercontinental cup. His unbeaten 212 also makes him the first batsman to reach 1000 runs in the competition. He does it comfortably too, the next closest is JP Bray on 578. Tikolo went into the match against Holland with the following figures:
Matches: 5 Innings: 9 Not outs:1 Runs: 788 High Score: 220 Avg:98.50
His updated figures will read:
Matches: 6 Innings: 10 Not Outs:2 Runs: 1000 High Score: 220 Avg: 125
This is a fantastic achievement, especially considering the last innings was made under immense pressure. It further underlines his quality as a batsman, and shows that he still has plenty left in the tank for Kenya. Unfortunately, little or no mention has been made of Steve's efforts in the Kenyan press. How a self respecting sports editor can let this slip by with barely a comment is beyond me. It should have been put up in lights, not let slide by. It shows how much work Cricket Kenya face in not only righting the ship after the last administration, but in regaining and growing the public interest. Those who know about cricket in Kenya can do their bit by telling their friends, and encouraging them to learn about the game. There are other Steve Tikolo's out there waiting to be found. The administration by themselves do not have the means, but if everyone got just 1 person down to watch the next game, or even better to start playing, it would be a huge step in the right direction.


Anonymous said...


I was there on Saturday and was pretty disappointed by the turnout. What is the Kenya Cricket doing about it?

Kenya played a good game, even though we lost.

Webmaster said...

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Chemosit said...

Hi anon, they are working hard at the moment to put in place the infastructure to grow the game. My personal belief is that both word of mouth and the press can be powerful tools. If more fans wrote to the papers about cricket, more poeple would prick up their ears. I will be posting in the fairly near future on what I think can be done in the way of promoting the game.

Chemosit said...

Hi webmaster,

let me know your proposal in more detail.
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BlueSwift said...

Am a fairly good cricket fan, actually i usually follow the Kenyan team games. Tanmay Mishra was a good revelation in Bangladesh though he looks like he needs more games under his belt. Ongondo is showing some good consistency in his bowling, gives me some hope for the future and Steve Tikolo! My the guy was his vintage self especially in the Holland game. I think that guy is the reason why the Kenyan team exists at all. He deserves a place in the Hall of Fame(Do we have one?). Anyway keep up your good work on informing us about our team and the beautiful game.

Chemosit said...

Hey Blueswift, thanks for dropping by. Mishra and Ongondo are certainly the finds of the year so far. Mishra is a great new face, and Ongondo has improved beyond sight to be an alomst completely new player. And Tikolo. Hall of fame? The man should own the bloody hall of fame. Unfortunately, I don't think we do, but one day we will, and if justice is served, he will be right up there at the top of the list.