Sunday, April 02, 2006

Voting Closed For Bangladesh Series

Voting has now closed for your choice of the best player for Kenya in the final ODI vs Bangladesh.
Results were:
Steve Tikolo - 56%, Tanmay Mishra - 18%, Collins Obuya & Tony Suji 9%, Peter Ongondo & Alfred Luseno 2%.
Mishra's polling surprised me somewhat for this match, but those were the results, so the primart points awarded are:
Steve Tikolo - 3, Tanmay Mishra - 2, Peter Ongondo - 1, Tony Suji - 1.
Thanks to those who voted, and remember to vote for your best players against Holland in the Intercontinental Match.

1 comment:

Nakeel said...

Who else but the captain for his double century.
Can we hit the ndebe for him Nick.