Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cricket Clubs In Kenya

Having searched in vain for somewhere on the net where I can find contact details for cricket playing clubs in Kenya, I have decided it is high time there is a list of clubs, and a directory of sorts. As and when I get some information on various clubs, I will update the list.
If anyone out there has any information on any of the following, or knows of a club/team I have missed that is an ACTIVE cricket playing club, please let me know so I can keep the directory up to date.
The information I am looking for is:
  • Official Club Name.
  • Physical/street address.
  • Postal Address.
  • email Address.
  • Phone Number.
  • Fax Number.
  • Website if applicable



Aga Khan Sports Centre
Burhani Sports Club
Coast Development - c/o CCA?
Coast Gymkhana
Jaffery Sports Club
Mombasa Sports Club
Shree Cutchi Leva Youth League
Sir Guru Singh Saba Cricket Club


Aga Khan Sports Centre
Golden XI Cricket Club
Kanbis sports Club
Kongonis Cricket Club
Krishna Cricket Club
Nairobi Gymkhana
Nairobi Institute
Nairobi Jafferys Sports Club
Nairobi Nookers Cricket Club
Ngara Sports Club
Parklands Sports Club
Premier Club
Quitbis sports Club
Ruaraka Sports Club
Shree Cutchi Leva Youth League
Simba Union Sports Club
Sir Ali Muslim Club
Stray Lions Cricket Club
Swamibapa Sports Club


Akshar Cricket Club
Diamond Club
Eldoret Sports Club?
Kericho Cricket Club?
Naivasha Cricket Club?


Anand Nair said...

Eldoret, Naivasha and Kericho in Nakuru? Intresting. Title should have been Clubs of RV.

Chemosit said...

While they may be part of RV Province, they actually play in the Nakuru League - all Akshar League matches take place at the same ground. I thought it was more realistic to put them in that bracket rather than RV. If they start playing matches at home that will of course change.

bankelele said...

can do a rough list, but will take a few days to do

Anonymous said...

I am a young english county cricketer looking to play for a Kenyan club in the future in the Nairobi province. Are there any clubs you could recommend? Thank you

Chemosit said...

Hey Anonymous who plays county in England.

email me on and i'll be more than happy to help find a club that suits.