Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kenya's Walking Wounded

A report on cricinfo today states that Martin Suji has undergone knee surgery in an effort to get himself fit in time for next year's World Cup. Once an integral part of Kenya's bowling lineup, Suji has had little action this year due to torn ligaments. He missed the Zimbabwe tour, and was then briefly reinstated for the Bangladesh trip, by all indications too early. Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery and we wish him all the best.
Hitesh Modi is also still on the injury list as his finger, broken during Kenya's Intercontinental Cup match against Holland, is still not healed. Surgery would again be an option here, but hopefully it will not be neccessary. Again, we wish Hitesh all the best, and look forward seeing him back in action for his club side Chesham.


Valedon said...

This makes me think of Rooney's injury.
is this a good thing?
I hope Suji recovers in time.

Valedon said...

by the way, thanks for your discussion at the forum.

Chemosit said...

Hey Valedon,
I think surgery is a good thing if it gets Martin back fit again. The interesting question will be to see if he can regain his form, or whether it is time to move on. Time will tell.