Monday, May 08, 2006

Cricket Ground At Kasarani?

This recieved a fleeting comment in today's editorial in the Nation entitled 'Stadia in a deplorable state'. Basically, the Chinese government are going to revamp the stadium, and the article notes that there is enough room in the complex to house a cricket ground. It is doubtful that it will happen, but it would be good to see. It would certainly help raise the profile of the game, and would give Kenya another venue in which to host Internationals. Kenya is certainly in need of a ground with decent lighting, and this could be the perfect opportunity. With two major cricket events to be held in Kenya over the next four years, and the definite possibility of more in the future, this would certainly be a worthwhile investment. Technical assistance from the ICC could probably even be arranged in the current climate of global expansion. Maybe Cricket Kenya should lobby the government before the plans are finalised.


Adrian said...

thanks for stopping by at my spot.

unfortunately i can't comment on cricket.

Grapestress said...

Finally! Someone who knows how hard it has been for the game to get the support in it needs in kenya. I am female and don't play cricket but have lived opposite the Nairobi Gymkhana cricket grounds almost my entire life. I have bookmarked you for future reading!

Kasarani is a small stadium and wouldn't have room for a ground unless they got rid of some other unused area. Do you know why they won't use Ruaraka and Gymkhana as they have been doing previously?

Chemosit said...

Hey guys - cheers for dropping by.

Grapestress - LAst time I was at Kasarani was as a little kid - it seemed pretty big to me then i guess.
I think both the other grounds are fine, but are Club owned. I think it would be great if there was a national stadium that could host international cricket matches. Can't exactly see it happening unfortunately.