Friday, May 12, 2006

Kenya's Swimmers In Cricket Strip

Browsing the Kenyan newspapers today for something on cricket, I thought I had struck lucky when I opened the Kenya Times Sports Page. There, staring me in the face were 4 young athletes wearing the shirts Kenya's cricketers wore for the 2003 World Cup. I know because I have one in the cupboard. Mine says Tikolo on the back, and the logo sewn onto the front is different, but the shirts are the same. Excellent I thought, these are four faces I don't recognise, maybe they are some of our new up-and-coming youngsters. An article started brewing in the back of my mind. Closer inspection proved me correct in to a certain extent. They are four of Kenya's new wave of athletes, but are unfortunately swimmers not cricketers. Oh well, hopefully we will get some cricket news soon for me to write about.
It does beg the question though: Are they wearing these shirts because the Kenya Swimming Federation could not afford their own design, so used some shirts the manufacturers had left over from the cricket World Cup, or did they choose them out of support for our cricket heroes of 2003. I rather suspect it is the former, but will make myself believe it is the latter until I hear otherwise. I wonder what names are written on the back...

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