Sunday, May 14, 2006

Scotland Humiliate Namibia

Scotland wrapped up their Intercontinental Cup match against Namibia in under three days last night, winning by an innings and 65 runs with a day still to go. Considering there was time lost to rain, this was an even easier victory than it at first looked. A full report can be found here on Cricket Europe. It is a great result for Scotland and puts them in a very strong position in the group, although Ireland will have a chance to join them very soon, as the Namibians play them in Ireland starting on Thursday. This doesn't give Namibia long to regroup, and the Irish will be looking to do at least as well as their cross channel rivals. Even before this match, we all knew that Scotland and Ireland would be the teams to beat in this group, and indeed in the competition. Namibia's capitulation illustrates just how much the Scots have improved, and also how much the other Associates will need to raise their game if they want to beat them.

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