Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good Progress Being Made by Spinners

Reports in today's Daily Nation Online say that Collins Obuya is expected to be back at his best form before too long. Terry Jenner is said to be happy with the leg spinner's improvement, and that is very good news for the Kenyan all-rounder. He has had a tough time with the ball over the last couple of years, and it will be very useful for Kenya if he can regain his former edge.
Obuya has been practicing hard the last six months at the Aga Khan Sports Centre where the clinic is being held, but has taken a while to be happy with his grip. If the reports are to be believed, he now has that under control and is concentrating on perfecting his action.
The three other Kenyan youngsters at the camp are Rakeb Patel, an under 17s player from Nairobi Gymkhana, his 22 year-old club mate Hiren Varaiya, and Coast Gymkhana's Stewart Kayne. Both Patel and Varaiya have just returned from a three month trip to Bombay where they attended a spin course at the Payyade Sports Club and Cricket Club of India. It is great to see youngsters like this being given such a wonderful chance. They will no doubt all be in consideration for the quadrangular tournament coming up, so will have plenty of opportunity to put what they have learned into practice.
There is a full list of players attending the course in the Nation article entitled 'Obuya's recovery on track'.

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