Thursday, May 18, 2006

Caught Behind SuperBlg Set To Launch

As some of you may know, Caught Behind have set up a Super Blog incorporating posts from some of the best cricket bloggers around - one representing each country. Due to there only being me blogging about Kenyan cricket, I get a place in the 'First XI' next to some very respected voices.
It is a great idea, and should be a very successful venture. Thanks to those who were kind enough to recognise that Kenya cricket matters enough to be included. The blog is set to launch Thursday 18th at midnight - Let play commence!


aftab said...

It seems to be a rather nice site.. Any idea who is covering Bangladesh?

Chemosit said...

Not sure if they have someone yet - if you know of any good Bangladesh cricket blogs, let them know, it will be great when we have someone representing every nation!