Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kenya 'A' To Play Tanzania and Uganda

Latest reports from Cricket Kenya confirm that a triangular tournament has been scheduled for early June in Mombasa between Kenya 'A', Uganda and Tanzania. The event is being sponsored by the family of the late Atul Shah who played for Uganda National Team in the 60's, a truly generous gesture from them! The exact dates for the matches are yet to be released, but it will run from June 6th to 12th. At a guess, this would leave time for one round robin stage followed by a final, though if things are squeezed in, it would be possible for each team to play the other twice.
Kenya 'A' will probably start the favourites for this tournament as there are a number of players on the fringes of the national team who may well be given a chance to prove their worth. For Kenya's youngsters, it will be a chance to put their case forward before the A team tour to Denmark later on in the month, and maybe even get a spot in the national team.
Kenya will not have this event all their own way however as Uganda are spoiling for revenge after the last time the teams met, and have some real quality players beginning to come through their youth ranks. Tanzania will probably find the going tough, but it will be great experience for them in preparation for the 2011 World Cup Qualifiers Africa Division 1 in August.

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Hossain said...

So, it will be Kenya A-team versus Uganda and Tanzania national teams ?

Good luck to Kenya.