Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Atul Shah Memorial Tournament To Be Quadrangular

A Coast Cricket Association team will make up the fourth team in the tournament scheduled for early June meaning that each team will get an extra match, and none will have to sit out while the others are playing. A great idea this - it should mean the make up of the Kenyan teams will effectively be a Nairobi XI and Coast XI - now that should be a match to spawn a great rivalry. Coast players for ages have claimed they are as good as their Nairobi counterparts, this will give them the opportunity to prove it. Excellent stuff!
The tournament is being held in Mombasa in honour of Atul Shah who sadly died there last November. Samir Inamdar, Atul's son-in-law writes:
"His family decided to do something to promote cricket in his name and since he died in Mombasa, we all thought thats the best we can do.
Atul was a good wicketkeeper in his day and played predominantly against East African opposition, so it is fitting that it is an East African thing."
Each team will play the others once, then a points tally will determine the teams that play off in the final, and for third and fourth place. This guarantees each team 4 games on turf wickets. A real bonus, especially for the players from Uganda and Tanzania. Matches will be played at the Mombasa Sports Club and Coast Gymkhana with the final at MSC.
The schedule for the tournament is as follows:

Tue 6th June - Teams arrive in Mombasa
Wed 7 June - Day 1 matches
Thurs 8th June - Day 2 matches
Fri 9th June - Rest day
Sat 10th June - Day 3 matches
Sun 11th June - Finals and Plate event.
Mon 12th June - Teams depart
Thanks to Samir Inamdar for the extra information.

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