Monday, May 15, 2006

Sheikh's Shirt on Sale!

I was just alerted to this by the Fairburn website.
Mohammed Sheikh has donated the shirt he wore in the 2000 International Cricket Council (ICC) KnockOut Tournament played in Nairobi to help raise funds for the Plan Corporate Challenge which works towards alleviating child poverty. It is being auctioned off on ebay, and you can take a look at the auctions progress and bid here. Funds from this particular event will go towards ending child poverty and providing for underprivileged communities in India. It is a great cause, and I encourage you to go there and bid generously, but not so generously that I don't get the shirt (only kidding).


Nakeel said...

Thats very kind of Mohammed I wish others can follow the suit..

Qayam said...

well done Mohamed. But it would be nice to see if the rest of the Kenyan players did it for a local charity ( in Kenya )