Saturday, May 06, 2006

Akshar League Preview

With last week's match between Akshar 'A' and Naivasha being re-scheduled due to the rugby festival, the third round of the Akshar League will begin before the second round is completed. Sunday's match sticks to the origional schedule with VOC taking on the Diamond team. V.O.C's last outing was a thrashing at the hands of Akshar A, so they will be looking to get back into a winning vein against a Diamond team that have so far recorded two losses from two outings. On paper, and form this looks like an easy win for VOC. They have both played Akshar B with VOC winning, while Diamond lost.
Regarding the match itself, both teams have struggled with the bat, so if one or two players can get a decent score, it could well prove to be the difference. Diamond actually look like the team more likely to do this, with 4 players who have at least had starts. From VOC, it is only Kirti who has really managed to trouble the scorers so far. Bowling wise, Batuk has bowled well for VOC in their earlier matches, and they will be looking for him to get some early wickets. Diamond will need one of their bowlers to find some consistency. They have 3 who have so far taken 4 wickets in one match, but hardly featured in the other. Without knowing how much the rugby affected the outfield, I would guess that this will be a low scoring match. My prediction - VOC to win fairly easily.

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