Friday, May 05, 2006

Cricket World Cup Tickets On Sale

Tickets for The World Cup to be held in the West Indies next year are now on sale. There are several different options fans can take. They can either choose to buy tickets for individual matches, or can opt to go for a package either following your team all the way to the final, or watching all of the matches in their group.
For Kenya supporters, the prices are as follows:
Group matches (individual tickets).
March 14th vs Canada: Cat 1 - $50, Cat 2 - $30, Cat 3 - $15, Party Stand - $30
March 20th vs New Zealand: (prices same as vs Canada).
March 24th vs England: CAt 1 - $90, Cat 2 - $55, Cat 3 - $25, P.S - $80.
Follow every match in Group:
Cat 1 - $420, Cat 2 - $255. Cat 3 - $120, Party Stand - $390.
Follow Kenya From Group Stage To Finals (for the optimistic):
Cat 3 - $355, Party Stand - $1050.
Follow Kenya From Super 8 Stage To Finals (and miss the fun of the group stage???):
Cat 3 - $300, Party Stand - $870.
For a complete list of Categories, packages and prices, check out the official website.
No doubt there will also be various travel agents doing trip packages that include flights etc, so do your research before you book. Lets hope that work and finances allow lots of Kenyans to be there to support the team!

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Mentalacrobatics said...

Even though I gave them free advice the ICC have refused to send me free tickets. Where are we going to get USD $1050.00??!!