Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Other Sites - Asante

Just thought that I should acknowlege a couple of sites that have linked to here from posts in the last week.
Sportolysis has launched a new feature this week called decalink. Basically, he chooses ten articles on sports related matters a week to link to. The first decalink came out on Monday and kenyacricket got a mention for my article on the new sports bill, so thanks for that. Afromusing picked up on my non-cricket post for the week with my tirade against the MPs joking about the sexual offences bill (which did not get published by the way).
Kenya soccer continues to keep up to date on the domestic game - more than I have been able to achieve last week, but not through want of trying. Keep it up guys.
I have also added a couple of new links to the cricket blogs section. Nasir Khan gives a good read with his opinions of all levels of cricket, as does Andrew on Baseball on Valium. The main BoV site also has an up-to-date profile on Kenya's performance over the years.

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