Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bangladesh Reply

Over 31.
Odhiambo sacrificed for the last over and conceded a four off the first ball to give Bangladesh a comprehensive 6 wicket victory. On the whole not the result we hoped for from Kenya at all. Tomorrow needs to see a completely different approach from the batsmen if we are to be competetive. No idea as to what must be done with the openers, and Kamande should maybe swap places with Mishra or Obuya to give us some sort of momentum in terms of runs at the top of the order. Well done to the Tigers on bouncing back after Zimbabwe. Hopefully Kenya can do the same tomorrow.
Over 30.
Ongondo a bit wayward, and Bangladesh having a crack at everything now. Only 3 runs required for Bangladesh now to make it five from five against Kenya this year. Back to the drawing board for the hosts and hopefully a better effort from the batsmen tomorrow!
Over 29.
Bangladesh looking to finish this off. Asraful with a six, then Reza with a four. 12 off the over, and the end in sight for the visitors. Disappointing, but not unexpected after out poor batting display.
Over 28.
Tikolo brings Ongondo back on. Asraful responds by driving the first ball of the over for 4. A second 2 balls later as Ongondo continues to stray down leg. 10 runs end up coming off the over, and Bangladesh are almost home and hosed.
Over 27.
Reza seems to have decided it is time to finish this off. Three fours off the first 4 balls of the over give Bangladesh a further 12 runs. Variaya comes back well to finish with 2 dot balls. 37 runs required only now.
Over 26.
An expensive one from Tikolo, conceding 8. Bangladesh now need less than 50 to complete the win.
Over 25.
Good over from Hiren. Well pitched and flighted, his bowling deserves a wicket. Only one run from it, a good effort, though run rate is no longer a worry for Bangladesh (if it ever was!). Still, I hope he gets a wicket for his efforts, he seems to have adapted well.
Over 24.
Tikolo into the attack. not the result that Variaya got - he goes for 5 in the first over including a boundary. Kenya desperately need a coule of quick wickets to stay in the game and avoid it becomming a formality.
Over 23.
Variaya seems to be bowling well, but Reza still able to get him away for a four after Asraful got a single. Once again a reflection of how much different it would have been had we posted a decent total.
Over 22.
Brings up the 100 for Bangladesh - via a wide. Could have been a good over from Odhiambo to put the new batsman under pressure. As it is, 2 wides of what should have been the final ball release some of it. 3 runs from the over - at least better than his last. A good comeback bar the wides.
Over 21.
Hiren Variaya into the attack. A real test for him - notonly is he facing tougher opposition, but Kenya also are really in trouble. Immediate result. Saqibul Hasan is run out by short fine leg with a direct hit. While not Variaya's wicket as such, it should give him increased confidence. Good work by Kenya in the field (no word yet on the fielder). At least that gives us half a sniff of a glimmer of a chance.
Over 20.
Odhiambo punished by Asraful with 12 runs coming from the over. Painful to see really. Hope to see the spinners in action soon. At least it will be a change.
Over 19.
Again, a mainly good over, but Kenya punished by a boundary. Had we managed to post a decent target, Bangladesh would be under so much more pressure. At the moment, they can afford to wait for the bad delivery and punish it. Even though it is early, Tikolo maybe needs to bring himself or Variaya on to try to force a wicket.
Over 18.
Odhiambo produced 5 decent balls, but Asraful is able to get him away for a boundary. Kenya badly need wickets as Bangladesh are cruising to victory at the moment.
My two bits on what is going on during the remaining overs


Anonymous said...

Its time for the Kenyan coach to start experimenting by sending Tanmey and Ouma to open the batting.
What happened to Alfred Luseno? He was supposed to be a really good opening bowler.

Ram said...


Having watched the match live, I must say I was disappointed not only by Kenya's performance but also by the crowd attendance. Definitely one expected Kenya to putup a better show than 168 after being 60/2 after 15 overs..It must be remembered that Bangladesh were 58/3 in the 16th over, implying the teams were level till the 15th over..Kenya seem to have problems rotating the strike in the middle overs against spinners and must look to address that..As for the bowling, I think it was just a one-off situation given Ashraful's consistency!

As for the crowd, most of the stands looked empty or had very few spectators, most of whom seemed to be Indian-expats anyway...I could barely notice a few native Kenyans in the stands...

I hope Kenya can put in a better performance and attract bigger crowds for the remaining two ODIs...