Saturday, August 12, 2006

Kenya On Back Foot

Firstly, my apologies for posting so late in the day. This is the first chance I have had to look at the game, and it is not a pretty sight to come home to. Once again, the question mark over Kenya's openers looms large. Maurice Ouma was brought back into the side to provide impetus at the beginning of the Kenyan innings. He did, but the wrong sort - falling for a duck and was followed suit by Kennedy Obuya not long after. 2/4 is always going to be a tough place to come back from, and Steve Tikolo's 47 could have done just that had Jimmy Kamande been able to support him. 5 From 41 however is not going to be enough in any ODI and with Kenya's top 3 falling for less than 10 runs each, we could feel lucky to even reach the 168 we did. Once again, Tanmay Mishra has provided a cause to move him up in the batting order. He is wasted at 7 when his strokemaking could be so better utilised at 3 or 5. So long as our top order continue to struggle, our lower order batsmen are going to come in under pressure. Once again, he did well, contributing 35 off 51, but should have been in earlier where he could have batted without feeling he was the last stand before the tail.
At least we have struck back with 3 wickets so far, but with 70 runs of the 169 required already on the board, it is going to take a minor miracle for Kenya to come back from here. In truth, our front line bowlers are doing a good job, but the batsmen left them with far too little to bowl to. Hopefully, we can at least take a few more wickets and make it a competetive finish.

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