Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pictures From Kenya vs Canada 1

Thanks to Rizwan Karim who took the picture and Shaneabbas who very kindly forwarded this and some other photos from the ODIs in Canada. Anyone who will be at Nairobi Gymkhana over the weekend and has a digital camera, the benchmark has been set...
I think this one was taken in between wickets. I have to say, I am a fan of the new strip. I think it looks much more professional than the previous one.


Ollie said...

the more photos the better. Get out there and take some. Maybe get a site with lots of action photos and some of players would be great. Kenya cricket needs more photos so anyone in town over the upcoming weekend take some photos of the team. And maybe one for me of the one and only TONY SUJI who will probably be 12th man or something.

Shaneabbas Merali said...

Thanks for giving me the credit for sending you the pcitures Nick, however the credit should also go to Rizwan Karim who sent the pictures to me in the first place