Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kenya vs. Canada 1st ODI: Canadian Reply

UPDATE 8 - 37.4 Overs
Kenya have taken the last two Canadian wickets to bowl them out for 129. This is the closing that we need to see and caps off a great come back for Kenya on this tour. Not only have we won today's game, but done so with ease: More than 12 overs left in the game and a winning margin of 108 runs. All credit to the Kenyan bowlers for a great effort in keeping the pressure on with regular wickets. It has been a while, but Kenyan cricket fans can now afford a smile. However, despite it being a win, the job is only half done. We need to do it all again on Sunday and confirm our superiority in the One Day arena. For now though, Congratulations to Steve Tikolo and the team - I'm off to bed!
UPDATE 7: 36 Overs:
Canada seem to have shut up shop here - only 11 runs off the last 6 overs, they seem to be trying to bat out the overs. Kenya need to step up the attack and bowl them out. Not only will it be a big psychological boost before tomorrow's game, but is also good practice for the Intercontinental Cup.
Canada 8/121. Required run rate: 8.36.
UPDATE 6: - 30 Overs:
Canada still hanging on at 8/110. This is what I was talking about - Kenya must learn to finish off opponents. Still, Canada's run rate has now slipped to 3.66 and the required run rate is up to 6.4. There should be no doubt that Kenya will win from here, but we need to make sure all the same.
UPDATE 5: - 26 Overs:
Kenya inching ever closer. Another wicket down, only two more to go for a well overdue win. Canada have nursed the score along to 97, but their run rate is now only 3.73 and with only 2 wickets in hand, they need another 141 runs at 5.88. Nearly a run-a-ball, and only 2 wickets to play with should leave Kenya with an easy win from here. This is where we need to be ruthless and shut out any further resistance. We are into the tail and need to enforce the victory by taking the next two wickets.
UPDATE 4: - 20 Overs:
Kenya closing in on victory. Another 2 wickets down to leave Canada in real trouble at 7/80. Their run rate has dropped to 4 and for the first time, the required run rate rises above 5 to 5.26. Great stuff from Kenya - just what we needed after the loss in the Intercontinental Cup. Now we just need the next three wickets to finish it off. KENYA JUUUUUUUU!!!!
UPDATE 3 - 16 Overs:
A HUGE two overs from Kenya. Canada get another 9 runs, but at the expense of 2 more wickets. 5/72 and things beginning to look up for Kenya. Canada's run rate is exactly 4.5, they need a further 166 at 4.88, but the important factor is those wickets. We should now really be able to stifle the runs and put the pressure on as they cannot afford to lose any more wickets, or we are into the tail. Hopefully, we can continue the procession back to the pavilion.
UPDATE 2 - 14 overs.
4 good overs from Canada. They scored 19 runs at 4.75 - pretty much on the money in terms of run rate required. No more wickets for Kenya, so they are at 3/63. Still a very evenly balanced match. Kenya need to either get another wicket or two or really put the brakes on the run scoring. Preferably both.
Current run rate:4.5. Required run rate: 4.86 Wickets in hand: 7
UPDATE 1 - 10 Overs:
Canada's run rate is still a fairly healthy 4.4 an over, but the good news continues for Kenya's bowlers who now have 3 wickets. This will definitely be putting the pressure on Canada, especially with Tikolo's miserly bowling still to come. Canada 3/44. Required run rate: 4.85. This is still creeping in the right direction for Kenya. Keep them wickets tumbling lads!
After 6 overs, Canada are about on target with 28 runs on the board, at a run rate of 4.67. Good news for Kenya is that we have taken the early wicket we needed. Fingers crossed for another one soon.
Required run rate: 4.77
Once again, updates are courtesy of Jonathan at Canadian Cricket. I'm filling in the gaps and putting in my two bits worth.
Canada come out after lunch needing 238 to win at 4.76. Kenya need a couple of early wickets to slow things down and put the pressure on.

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Ram said...

Great work Nick considering that Cricinfo still hasn't come out with anything about the match a good 4 hours after its finish!

Kenya have clearly shown their superiority in this form of the game thanks to their experience and should pull off another victory tomorrow to salvage lost pride from the I.C defeat..

This should be a good boost ahead of the true test that awaits them at home in 10 days time..