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Report On ICC Umpires Seminar For East Africa 29-30 July 2006

Below is the report on the recent umpires seminar in Nairobi. It speaks for itself, so I have left it pretty much as sent to me with just one or two ammendments for brevity's sake. It sounds like a great success:
Sponsored By: ICC (Hoosain Ayob’s Office – Africa)
Organized By: Cricket Kenya (Tom Tikolo)
Coordinator/Conductor: Subhash Modi
Venue: Nairobi Club
Theme: Achieving the dream - Success comes through commitment and hard work (based on recent ICC Umpires Seminar for ICC Associate / Affiliate
Umpires – held in Dubai).
Accommodation: Nairobi Club (provided to all the visiting delegates outside Nairobi).
The two days ICC Cricket Umpires Seminar organized by Cricket Kenya was held at Nairobi Club during the weekend of 29th and 30th July 2006.
In Attendance:
Tom Tikolo - Chief Executive Officer – Cricket Kenya
Samir Inander - Chairman – Cricket Kenya & ICC Official
Abdul Sattar - Chairman – KCUESA
Asif Karim - Former Kenya Cricket Captain
Subhash Modi - ICC Associate/Affiliate International Panel Umpire (Kenya)
Aliya Baurer - Member of KCU&SA
David Odhiambo - Member of KCU&SA
The following Umpires were invited by ICC Regional Development Manager for Africa, Hoosain Ayob through the respective countries Cricket Associations/Boards:
Kyambadde Baker Mande - Uganda
Mukasa Benjamin Semivure - Uganda
Kamala David - Uganda
Makumbi Patrick Musoke - Uganda
Onesmo Mwenzi - Tanzania
Lucy Silas Mayunga - Tanzania
Paul Bakuru - Rwanda
Byiringiro Emanuel - Rwanda
Kutub Gulamabbas - Kenya
Rockie D’Mello - Kenya
Hemant Desai - Kenya
The welcome address done by Tom Tikolo: Important role played by the Umpires in East Africa and the neighbouring countries.
Tom expected all the delegates to enhance their Umpiring knowledge during the seminar and also exchange the finer points on Umpiring matters among the delegates and the Seminar Conductor. Tom emphasized the vital role played by the Regional Umpires and hoped that meaningful and fruitful exchange of ideas on Umpiring, its promotion and development would be focal points of this important and educative seminar.
Hoosain Ayob’s goodwill message was read and was appreciated by all. All the delegates appreciated his goodwill message and his unending efforts to promote not only the noble game of cricket in Africa, but also the upcoming and promising Umpires to the higher level through the respective boards.
Abdul Sattar shared the Umpires’ experiences and the vital role played by Kenya Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association since 1958. He paid tribute to many Kenya Cricket Umpires and scorers who represent and represented the country in various ICC Cricket Tournaments. His Umpiring experiences and role played by the Association was well presented.
Abdul Sattar highlighted his personal umpiring experience since 1974 and the challenges he and Kenyan umpires faced since then. The present membership of the Association (KCU&SA) is :-
Life Members...............13
Full Members ..............35
Associate Members......5
Ordinary Members.......9
Hon. Member................1
Full Members...............11
Abdul Sattar further highlighted important roles played by many umpires/members of KCU&SA in other cricketing bodies such as Anil Sarkar, Harilal Shah, Jackie Janmohammed, Late Robie Armstrong, Sunil Sarkar, Mahmood Quraishy, Sukhbans Singh, Tom Tikolo, B.C. Patel.
He gave accounts of players unacceptable behaviour on the field of play and the qualities of good umpires. Abdul Sattar had opportunities of meeting many cricketing personalities and thanked the delegates and officials on the main table for listening to his presentation.
Aasif Karim – the former Kenya Cricket Captain congratulated Hoosain Ayob, ICC, Cricket Kenya, Tom Tikolo, Samir Inamdar and Subhash Modi for sterling efforts to organize this ICC Umpring Seminar which brought Umpires from the different countries to Kenya to better their Umpiring skills and exchange ideas. He highlighted the Umpires relationship with the captains, players, coaches and officials. He shared his wisdom and valuable experience and highly praised the role played by the unsung heroes “Umpires”
Aasif recalled that during his childhood he used to observe the ugly incidents of violence after the matches if some Umpires decisions were not accepted by the team and supporters. Discussion between players and umpires were then regarded as negative compared to their positivity these days. The game changed as the years passed where communication improved between the umpires and players as the spirit of the game has been observed. This has made it positive and it is getting better all round. Obviously, T.V. has played an important role where we see the communication being more relaxed even during a match between the umpires, captains and players. It is good to see that the umpires are also encouraging it, after all umpires are also human beings with a conscience and seen to do a good job when the task is not very easy but thankless. Umpires are praised for good work and they should accept criticism for their mistakes. Finally, he congratulated Samir Inamdar for his recent election to the ICC Board and appealed to all interested to work together to take Kenya cricket back to where it belonged – at the highest level.
Captains play a very important role on the ground and a healthy relationship with umpires is encouraged. Aasif admires and respects Umpires for the tough job they do and remarked that the game would not be the same without them.
Samir Inamdar, Chairman of Cricket Kenya and ICC official was honored to be invited to this exciting and prestigious seminar. Samir was delighted to see delegates from different counties. This seminar is good for sharing and gaining knowledge. Samir Inmadar briefly highlighted his election to the ICC board on 4th July 2006 and his attendance at an ICC Technical Committee the next day. He said the committee was comprised of yester-years great cricketers and they have respect and support for the umpires. The technical committee voted out the 3 appeals per innings for each side to be experimented on the next championship trophy. Surely, this protected the spirit of the game and also the authority of the Umpires.
Samir Inamder also highlighted the procedures of the appointments of the umpires in the ICC and also the procedures of the appointments by Cricket Kenya. He advised the delegates to improve the standard of umpiring throughout the region by their own initiative and to try to umpire as professionals. Umpires have to work together to uplift the image of the game in this part of the world. The game cannot develop without good umpires. At the international level, umpires are playing a major role as the official confirmations are that they have 93% of their decisions right and only 7% wrong. We have to give our best and support the game and also maintain good relationships with the cricket board as our needs and recommendations can be considered for the betterment of the game. He would like to see more umpires climbing up the ladders. Cricket Kenya is accountable and transparent and they are encouraging the Kenya Cricketers to form their own association and would soon have an umpire on their technical committee to support umpiring matters. Cricket Kenya recently sent Lalji Bhudia to attend the ICC Umpires Seminar in South Africa. Samir congratulated Subhash for his recent elevation to ICC Associate/Affiliate International Panel Umpire. Samir confirmed that Modi has been selected by the ICC to officiate the Kenya-Bangladesh series with India’s Umpire Hariharan. The match referee will be from Srilanka., Roshan Mahanama.
Cricket Kenya would like to see improvement in the umpiring standards and also their relationship with the respective cricketing bodies in Kenya. We have seen the darkest cricketing period in our country, but somehow we are overcoming and are likely to see major changes for the betterment of the game in future. Remember, we all are responsible for our own actions! Finally, Samir wished all the delegates a rewarding, fruitful and mind blowing seminar.
Aliya Baurer and David Odhiambo highlighted umpires relationship with the third team (scorers) and Aliya also presented her papers to the delegates.
On the first day of the seminar, all the delegates traveled to Nairobi Gymkhana “lords of Kenya” and visited the cricket ground. Some felt it was great honor for them to be at the international venue. Some fieldcraft and technical skills were discussed.
On Sunday, an umpiring video by John Holder was shown to the delegates and ICC Presentations on the Dubai Seminar were shown on both days. Fruitful and knowledgeable discussions took place among the delegates and to their satisfaction.
Training Resources and Expectations of Panel Members in their own countries:
1. No country including Kenya has Umpiring Training Resources.
2. No country including Kenya have their own panel of graded / first class umpires – except one that is provided to the board on request and the final authority is the board for the representative and first class matches. There is need to have umpiring training resources in East Africa and Rwanda i.e. also has the list of the National panel of Umpires.
What umpires decided they need from the regional development manager – ICC Africa to make the East Africa umpires Successful:
1. All present felt that with the blessings of the Regional Development Manager for Africa, we should from a panel of East African Umpires.
2. Need for more seminars of this magnitude.
3. All the respective countries should support each other and not work against each other. We must have African unity.
4. Umpires must be motivated by more opportunities.
5. Like Kenya – Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda delegates felt there is an urgent need to have their own umpires and scorers association. These independent associations will take care of the welfare of their own umpiring and scorers and some financial assistance be given. As the game is growing in Africa, we need more quality umpires and scorers. Welfare of the umpires and scorers will be taken seriously by formation of independent umpiring and scorers association in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda and their neighbouring countries.
6. Contact of the Regional Development Manager
7. Request for the following materials:
- Umpiring literature
- Books on laws
- Updates of laws
- Reference copies of reports filed by umpires on indiscipline grounds etc.
- Videos and CDs
- Questionnaires
- Exams and trials
- Refresher courses
- Assessment reports
- More first class matches
- Relationship between associations
- Website for African region.
By Cricket Kenya Umpires and Scorers Association – Coast Branch
Subhash Modi in his final remarks said that he was honoured and delighted to be the seminar co-coordinator / conductor and he thoroughly enjoyed his experience and involvement. Modi was pleased to share his knowledge which he gained from the past two ICC Seminars in Malaysia and Dubai. He was grateful to Hoosain Ayob and Ruweida Kandan for their guidance and also thanked them for their ever willing support and assistance.
Modi personally thanked Cricket Kenya, in particular Tom Tikolo for his great help in organizing the seminar and also Samir Inmander for his continued support. He also expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the following:
- Nairobi club for the use of their facilities and especially Charles (Asst. Food and Beverage Manager)
- ICC office, especially Chris Briers, Dough Cowie and Darrell Hair for all the seminar presentations on PowerPoint and timely assistance for the seminar.
- Alan Tuffery (Ireland Umpire) for the use of his book on umpiring.
- Local media & Nick Deverell(Australia)
- Nairobi Gymkhana for the use of the club’s facilities.
- Ogilvy Group for the use of laptop and LCD projector.
- All facilitators – Ms Aliya Baurer, Messrs Tom Tikolo, Samir Inamdar, Abdul Sattar, Aasif Karim, David Odhiambo for excellent and wonderful presentations, all delegates from Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya for their excellent participation and valuable contribution. We would not achieved success without the input from the concerned and the team work.
All delegates enjoyed the umpires seminar and wonderful hospitality with thanks to Hoosain Ayob, ICC, Cricket Kenya, Samir Inamdar, Tom Tikolo and Subhash Modi – A great feeling indeed!
Tom Tikolo in his closing remarks thanked ICC, Hoosain Ayob, Samir Inamdar, all the facilitators delegates and the conductor, Subhash Modi for conducting the Seminar successfully for the benefit of the regional delegates who are expected to share the knowledge gained to their fellow colleagues in the respective countries. “Work hard and achieve your goals and dreams” and wished them a safe journey back home.
The Seminar ended with a word of prayers.

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