Monday, March 13, 2006

ESPN To Show Live Kenya vs Bangladesh Matches

This rather inaccurate article in the Kenya Times was what first alerted me. Apparently, Steve Tikolo is now a fast bowler, and Jimmy Kamande is in the touring team twice: once as himself, and once as James Kabatha! The paragraph about Asif Karim commentating for ESPN was what really grabbed my attention. Hopefully, this will mean that at least those with ESPN in Kenya will have access to the games live, though it may only be ESPN in Asia. Even better would be if one of the free to air channels would pick it up.
In terms of following the seires on the net, I will of course be putting in my 2 bits as regularly as I can, though may miss a fair bit of the first innings as I will be at work. Cricinfo do not seem to have it scheduled, but I would think demand may change this. Either the BBC or ECB will probably be other good bets. I will post any links to coverage I find closer to the time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, u can come and visit forum and have a discussion with us...we are having lots of threads regarding this tour and may be u can give us some informational inputs..
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Chemosit said...

Sure - will be happy to do so