Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kenyan Players Ranked In Top 100

It is always nice to be pleasantly surprised. I honestly didn't expect to find any Kenyans in the top 100 when I checked the ICC One Day Rankings. However, I see that after the Zimbabwe tour, there are three Kenyans in the top 100 for both batting and Bowling.
The batsmen are:
Steve Tikolo on 402pts, who has moved up 12 places to 82nd (his best was 535 in 1999)
Kennedy Otieno on 369. He comes back into the top 100 at 94th place (his best 461 pts in 1997).
And just sneaking in, Thomas Odoyo in equal 99th spot with 374 pts (his best 455 in 2001).

Kenya's bowlers rank slightly higher:
63rd Thomas Odoyo on 448 pts. Up 13 places. (his best is 493 in 1999).
79th Peter Ongondo on 387 - this is a career highest after his sterling performance in Zimbabwe.
91st Steve Tikolo on 340 (his best 398 in 2003).

These places may not mean a great deal at present, but they will be an indicator of how the Kenyan team improve over the next year. Hopefully, the Bangladesh series will raise the existing players higher on the list, and maybe even bring in a couple of new names. It would be great to see Collins Obuya get back on, and maybe Tanmay Mishra with the bat.


Kshitij said...

Cool blog.You must be a cricket fan.

Chemosit said...

Thanks mate - yep, I love cricket. Also Kenyan cricket needs all the help it can get. This is my small effort.