Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kenyans Arrive in Bangladesh

There is an interesting report in Bangladesh's Daily Star about the team arriving in Bangladesh. Steve Tikolo has been talking up Bangladesh as the favourites, and the general opinion in Bangladesh seems to be the same. This is all good. Kenya enjoy having this status against the hosts, and it will put more pressure on the Bangladesh team. Both Tikolo, and coach Roger Harper stressed the importance of any International cricket to Kenya, and the desire of the team to play well. A good performance in Bangladesh will certainly add weight to these calls for more exposure. Kenya will be off to Bogra today to prepare to face Bangladesh in the first ODI on Friday March 17th. Of the Kenyan papers, The Nation also commented on the teams arrival, though they led with Asif Karim commentating for ESPN. Not surprisingly, each paper focussed on the plus points for their country, despite the reports being almost identical otherwise.

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