Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kenya 'A' To Tour Denmark

Great news for Kenya's up and coming players with the 'A' team scheduled to tour Denmark between June 23rd and July 6th. Fixtures organised by the Danish Cricket Board in association with Cricket Kenya will include two matches against the Danish national side, and one against the Danish under 23 team. There will also be matches against provincial and combined club sides. Expenses, including air travel and accommodation for the trip are being taken care of by Torben Noehr who has regularly travelled to Mombasa with his side Herning to play matches against Mombasa Sports club. He has also been instrumental in putting together this tour. The complete itinerary will be finalised over the next couple of weeks.

This tour is to be commended for several reasons. It will give much needed exposure to Kenya's 'A' team, which has been sadly lacking over the past few years. Serving as a feeder for the national side, this will mean that younger players get a chance to play competitive cricket before being thrust into the pressure of full ODIs. Denmark will also benefit from this, as their national side and club cricketers also receive exposure at a higher level. Kenya is one of the leading Associates, and tours like this should help shame the Test nations into offering similar support to lower ranked teams. Finally, it is a shining example of generosity, and what one man can do. Torben Noehr I salute you.

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